Welcome to Neosho! Citizens of Neosho please welcome Leland Butcher as our newly hired City Manager.

From the Office of Public Relations:

On Tuesday, September 18, 2018 the Neosho City Council in Closed Session arrived at a contractual agreement with Leland Butcher to serve as the Neosho City Manager. This was announced in the regularly scheduled open meeting that followed.
Leland Butcher and his wife George Ann reside in Bentonville, Arkansas and he is currently working on a PhD in Public Administration. He holds an AS Degree in Law Enforcement from Napa Valley College, a BS in Criminal Justice from Roger Williams University and a Masters in Public Administration from Troy University.
Leland has an extensive background in public service beginning with a 20 year career in the US Navy. His Navy career was followed by service with the Santa Rosa County Sheriff’s Office in Milton, Florida. During his time with the Sheriff’s Office, Leland also served as an Adjunct Instructor at the George Stone Criminal Justice Training Center and later at Pensacola State University. More recently Leland has been in the employment of Consummo Technologies, Inc. as their Sales Manager.
Leland’s background indicates strong characteristics in administrative skills, operations management, and employment of innovative technologies, project coordination, public relations and leadership. It is our pleasure to welcome Leland Butcher to the City of Neosho team.
We wish Leland and his wife George Ann a great Neosho experience!