Street overlay operations for the 2018 summer season will begin this week.   The contractor for the projects,  APAC-Missouri will begin edge milling this Thursday, July 19, 2018 and continuing the milling for approximately one week. 
Paving will begin a few days after the milling operations are completed.  At this time, it is anticipated that paving will begin on Monday, July 30.  Pending weather conditions and any other possible delays, the asphalt overlays should be completed by Friday, August 3rd.
Once completed, this will extend the improvements planned in the multi-year program for upgrading our infrastructure.  With a little affordable progress each year improvements can continue to advance.
The patience of neighboring property owners and the traveling public is greatly appreciated during this time of roadway construction activity.   The ultimate goal is that all people involved, the contractor's personnel and the traveling public would return home safely each day.  Thank you for your consideration.

Following is a listing of the overlay improvements for 2018:

Laurel Cr.  & Mimosa Dr  

Skyline Dr.               

Northwest blvd  &    Canyon Dr.

Lariat St.                      Skyline  -  NW   Blvd

Barton Pl.                    Sunshine - Hearrell

Hearrell Ave.                Glenview  - Barton

Glenview Pl.                Sunshine - Hearrell

Sunshine Dr.                 Glenview  - Barton   

Rocketdyne Rd.          Varney  -    Oakridge

Daurghty Rd.             Neo   Blvd - Oakridge

Gooch Rd.                        West of High St

Second St.                Industrial   -     Nelson

Howard Bush               D Hwy  - Radio  

Doniphan Dr: A        

Doniphan Dr: B     

Grant St.                             Lincoln  -    High

Lincoln St.                           Coler  -    Grant

Summit St.                          Reid    -  Valley