The Harry S Truman Coordinating Council is contracted with the Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDOT) to facilitate a regional Transportation Advisory Committee (TAC). Each year, the TAC reviews and prioritizes regional transportation needs which are forwarded to MoDOT’s Southwest District office in Springfield to be combined with other District needs and prioritized. District needs are then sent to MoDOT’s Central office in Jefferson City to be included in a State-wide prioritization and planning process.
These needs, once at the state-level, are addressed as funding comes available. However, this prioritization process enables the State of Missouri to be better prepared for federal transportation dollars that become available – making Missouri highly competitive in the bid to capture those funds.

Give us your input on area highways throughout Newton County and the area surrounding Neosho.   Take the attached survey and let us know what you think needs to be done and when!  Just go to: